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                  Shanghai Sustainable Accele-tech Company is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to environmental protection. Our company was founded in 2007, and we have professional research team and laboratory. We have taken charge of multiple national and local projects, and there are dozens of biochemical treatment systems for industrial wastewater operating daily. Our independently researched and developed Accele-tech’s bacteria strains have solved the technical difficulty of biochemically treating saline wastewater, which provides an innovative approach in industrial wastewater treatment field.

                  Another independently researched and developed multistage composite biochemical treatment process from our company has successfully been applied into several industrial wastewater treatment projects with high difficulty. For instance, saline and phenol-containing wastewater treatment project for Chinese and Western Three-dimensional Pharmaceutical Company under Shanghai Pharm Group, saline wastewater treatment project for Shanghai Huiguang Fine Chemical Industry Company, and chloroprene rubber wastewater treatment project for Shanxi Huo Jia Industry Company.

                  Our solutions not only resolve the technical difficulty in biochemical treatment process for wastewater, but also greatly reduce the costs from maintaining dominant bacterial community in biochemical pond and disposing sludge after traditional pretreatment processes, including Fenton oxidation and electrocoagulation.

                  We, as Accele-tech group, are continuing to innovate in the field of technical research and application. We are always ready to provide our professional and optimal solutions to customers that inquire and need waste water and gas treatment.

                  Service Hotline
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                  1005, Lane 912, Gonghe New Road, Shanghai

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