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                  Dr. Yongqiang Zhu (Professor & Senior Engineer) was awarded the Science and Technology Model (only four awardees in Shanghai) in the national “Talk about idea, compete for contribution” event during the year of 2009 to 2010, and the 7th Zhabei District Top-notch Personnel Honorary Title.

                  Independently researched and developed Accele-tech’s unique bacteria strain and biological fluidized bed have solved the puzzle of treating saline wastewater biochemically. Our first pilot project has successfully operated for more than two years.

                  Dr. Zhu has earned the 3rd prize of Shanghai governmental progress in science and technology, and the 3rd prize of the technical invention in the field of China petroleum and chemical industry. He has also acquired nine patent licenses, and four of them are inventions.

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                  1005, Lane 912, Gonghe New Road, Shanghai

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