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                  Model project four

                  Project Description

                  The upgrade project of the Sino-Western 3D Pharmaceutical Salt-containing Wastewater Treatment Station under the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group is the “high-salt, high-phenol, high-ammonia, high-COD” four-high wastewater, which is a typical high-difficult wastewater treatment project located in Fengxian, Shanghai. The District Xinghuo Development Zone has been in operation for many years after the successful technical transformation.

                  Using Eiger special strains to solve the problem of biochemical treatment of salty wastewater

                  To completely change the operation of aerobic biochemical pool after installing Eiger biochemical bed

                  • Microorganisms are in shock state, SS=6000mg/L, SV30>90%, poor biochemical effect, thick foam

                  • After using Eiger strain, SS=10000mg/L, SV30=30%~50%, biochemical pool is running normally

                  1 month operation data of biochemical treatment system for salty wastewater

                  *The anaerobic pool (salt 60000-80000mg/L) has a COD from 17000-6500mg/L

                  *The aerobic pool (salt 30000-40000mg/L) COD from 7500-3700mg/L

                  The treatment effect of salt-containing wastewater after the genetic modification of EGP strains in the sample project of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group

                  1. Original water quality:

                    COD: 50000~60000 mg/l

                    Ammonia nitrogen: 4000~5000 mg/l

                    Phenol: 500~800 mg/l

                    Salinity: 30,000~80000mg/l

                  2. Discharge water quality:

                    COD: <50 mg/L

                    Ammonia nitrogen: <30 mg/L

                    Phenol: <0.1 mg/L

                    Salinity: <1000mg/L

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