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                  Bring coolness in Summer -- Warm the front-line with care
                  Release time : 2018-08-28Source : Shanghai Ege Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

                  It was the dog days, and the constant heat brought great challenge to Accele-tech’s front-line staff. “Bring coolness in summer" is a condolence activity that our company carries out to serve and care the staff. Today, the colleagues from the personnel department of our company, on behalf of the general manager of the company Mr. Zhu Yongqiang, went to the site of the project to visit the employees who are still working hard in the hot weather, expressing sympathy and gratitude to them for their dedication under the extreme weather and sending them gift packages.
                  The consolation team patrolled the Three-dimensional Pharmaceutical Company wastewater treatment plant. At the same time, the personneI colleagues warned repeatedly that everyone should protect themselves away from heat and pay attention to physical health while doing their job. And again and again,they urged the staff to operate in accordance with the operating rules.The regional manager was also required to take actions in response of the hot weather, preventing all kinds of emergencies that may be caused by the extreme weather. Everything needed should be reflected to the personnel department, and the company will actively meet the needs of front-line employees. With the project finished with good quality, the health and safety of the employees must be guaranteed.

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