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                  IE expo 2016,Accele-tech is on his way
                  Release time : 2018-08-28Source : Shanghai Ege Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

                  Internet explorer expo 2016, jointly organized by the Munich Expo group of Germany, the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, the All-union Environmental Services Chamber of Commerce and the China Trade Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD., was held on May 5th, 2016 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Shanghai Sustainable Accele-tech co., LTD., as one of the leading enterprises in high saline wastewater treatment industry, was invited and participated the expo.
                  During the expo, we showed our independently researched and developed Accele-tech’s biological fluidized bed, Accele-tech’s bacteria strains, multiphase catalytic reactor and the pilot projects in chemical pharmaceutical wastewater treatment and papermaking wastewater treatment, which attracted a large number of the personage to come to consult and negotiate. It reflects the great market demand and broad prospects for the future development of our company.
                  IE expo 2016,It provides us with new platforms and opportunities, and makes more people know us. Shanghai Sustainable Accele-tech co., LTD. will continue to innovate and overcome more problems in wastewater treatment. We will keep feet on ground to get  every project completed, and do our best to solve environmental problems for the enterprises and  protect the ecological environment and people's health!

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