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                  2015 Annual Commendation Conference in Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association
                  Release time : 2018-08-28Source : Shanghai Ege Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

                  On January 19th, 2016,  Zhu Yongqiang, the general manager of the company,  attended the “2015 Annual Commendation Conference of Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association and the 11th China Environment Expo Environmental Protection Industry Technology Discussion Salon”.

                  In 2015, the company had completed the treatment plant upgrading project of the Three-dimensional Pharmaceutical Company under Shanghai Pharm Group and also  recognised by the customer, which meaned the great breakthrough in the field of industrial wastewater treatmen. Besides, we assumed the operations of the wastewater treatment plant. Accele-tech has also become the first third-party regulatory enterprises for  Xinghuo development in Fengxian district and been highly praised by the trade association. Due to the outstanding contributions in the formulation of Shanghai Local Standard Methods and Procedures in the Evaluation for Product Used in Environmental Protection, the conference commended Dr. Zhu Yongqiang and awarded the certificates.

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